RV Travel With Kids (Top Tips To Keep You Sane)

RV Travel With Kids and Top Tips to Keep You Sane

Traveling in an RV with kids

RV travel with kids is one of the greatest, most affordable and easiest ways of touring the country. No longer do you have to worry about luggage allowances and the potential for losing it, hotel fees, airport lines, and delays. Simply get into the extension of your home, surrounded by comforts and drive to wherever your wanderlust wishes may take you.

An RV trip with the family gives you the chance to check out all the fantastic sights and places that your home country has to offer. It is basically like one giant road trip!

Of course, as with any form of travel, there are some advantages and disadvantages, but generally, the pros outweigh the cons. In this post, we look at how to take the stress out of RV travel with kids so that you can have a great family vacation in your RV.

RV Travel With Kids

Top Tips to Keep You Sane

Choose the right park or campground

While there are plenty of sites and parks to choose from, not all of them are suitable or created equally. When you have kids in tow, it is especially important to make sure that you choose the right one; otherwise, you will find yourself feeling very unwelcome with other guests and have a miserable time.

Consider the style of vacation your family like. Do you want to be left alone to make your entertainment and need a place to park up? Or, perhaps you want something with a full schedule of on-site entertainment and activities, as well as facilities such as swimming pools and play parks. 

Plan your stops beforehand

Even the smallest of RV’s can be sizeable, and not every stopping place along your route is going to be suitable for your vehicle. Before you set out, sit down with a map and plan out your route and exactly where you are going to stop for any sleepovers, food, or fuel top-ups. Look for somewhere that has space for the kids to run around and stretch their legs as depending where you go; it can be a long time in between stops.

Plan for bad weather

You can influence most aspects of your trip, but you can’t do anything about the weather. While a bit of rain does not have to stop the fun, it does make things a little trickier and involves you getting a bit more creative when it comes to entertaining the kids. After all, you don’t have unlimited space to store wet clothes and gumboots! Board games, card games, and handheld video games are your friend here, but you can also encourage them to be creative. Why not take scrapbooking supplies and ask them to keep a journal of their trip? Rainy days can be spent gluing in souvenirs and tickets and writing about their adventures so far. It can make a great gift to take back to grandparents or to show their teachers and friends at school

Have fun

It is never going to go entirely to plan. You are going to bicker and probably fall out, it might get messy, and there may be atrocious weather. However, let go of perfection and keep things light. Flexibility and adaptation will go a long way!

RV Travel With Kids


RV with kids


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