Top Travel Apps Every Traveler Needs

Top Travel Apps Every Traveler Needs on Their Phone

Travel Apps Every Traveler Needs

If you’re a frequent traveler, odds are, you rely a lot on your phone and travel apps. I know I do. There are several apps out there that will make any traveler’s life easier, so I decided to write a quick post on my personal favorite apps that I think every traveler should have on their phone.


Accommodation – I use this app a lot because it’s great for comparing hotel prices. I’ve found that usually has better rates when compared to other websites. And a lot of the times, their rates are even better than booking directly through the hotel website.

Hotel Tonight – This is a great app to use when you’re needing to book last minute accommodation. Hotel Tonight has some incredible last-minute deals, even on higher-end hotels/resorts.


LoungeBuddy – The perfect app to help you find all the lounges in any airport, along with the price to get in. You can even book the lounge directly through the app.

Top Travel Apps Every Traveler Needs

Mobile Passport – All my fellow U.S. travelers need to download this app immediately. If you’re like me, and can’t be bothered to sign up for Global Entry, you’ll want this app to help you speed through customs when you arrive back on U.S. soil after an international trip.

Top Travel Apps Every Traveler Needs

MyTSA – I would honestly only use this app if you have TSA PreCheck because you can find out where the TSA PreCheck lanes are located in the airport you are in. The app will also give you approximate wait times of all security lanes; however, the information is crowdsourced, which is unfortunate.


Google Translate – I have been saved numerous times when traveling and trying to communicate in a country where I don’t speak the language. While I am a firm believer you should learn a few basic phrases for any country you visit, Google Translate will help you out when you need to say more than a basic phrase. The app came in handy in Paris when I was attempting to get a cab from the airport to my Airbnb. Also, you can download files offline so you can use it without having internet.

WhatsApp – If you’re going to be traveling through Asia or South America, I highly recommend you download WhatsApp. It’s typically the preferred method of communication for most people and will make communicating with drivers, guides, etc. much easier.


Netflix – If you have a Netflix account, having the app downloaded on your phone will make any long airport layover a little less miserable. Since Netflix allows users to download videos for offline viewing, it’s also great for when you get to your final destination. Especially if you don’t have a great WiFi connection.


XE Currency – Everyone needs a currency converter app. I have been using XE Currency for years and it’s my personal favorite. The app provides live currency rates and allows you to download and store those rates so you can view them when you’re offline.

Top Travel Apps Every Traveler Needs


Google Maps – Hands down a lifesaver, especially when you’re renting a car and need driving directions. It’s notoriously reliable, even in countries like Iceland. I used it to navigate around Iceland and was never steered in the wrong direction.

Uber – Everyone has an opinion on Uber (or ride-sharing apps in general), but I personally love them and use them a lot. In bigger cities is so much easier than hailing a cab or trying to find a driver. I like the ease of being able to schedule a ride from the comfort of my phone.

Destination Specific Apps

The apps in this section are geared toward specific countries and/or cities. I have personally used every one of these apps when visiting the city (or country) they are associated with.

If there is one app to download for any of these cities or countries, it’s these.


  • Visit London – Consider this an electronic, pocket guide. It’s great because it includes so many things in one place. The app provides information on top attractions, places to eat, and landmarks. You can even download the information you need so that you can access it offline.

New York City

  • Transit – Hands down a godsend in New York City (and 200+ other cities across the world). I use it every time I am in the city to find subway stations and check arrival times. It’s super accurate and even works underground, which is a huge plus.

Top Travel Apps Every Traveler Needs

This app is also available in Paris and London


  • Heetch – This is France’s version of Uber and it’s typically cheaper than Uber. You can even opt to pay with cash instead of using a credit card.


  • SBB Mobile – Hands down a complete lifesaver in Switzerland. I talked a lot about the app in my complete Switzerland itinerary post, but basically, if you’re going to be traveling by train in Switzerland, you need this app. It makes purchasing train tickets so easy. You can also view timetables for upcoming trains.

What are some of your top travel apps for travelers? Leave me a comment below so I can check out your suggestions! You can also tweet me at {@michele_aaron}.



Top Travel Apps Every Traveler Needs


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  1. Kaya
    December 11, 2023 / 1:34 am

    what a great list! Would also recommend ATM Fee Saver – it helps find fee free and lower fee ATms abroad along with withdrawal limits for foreign card holders, use it quite a bit, helps in saving up on those costs! Worth adding to your list!

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